What happens when you cross-pollinate the free-wheeling experimental styles of a zouk and techno-influenced singer/producer and one half of the notoriously weird duo Gatekeeper? You get a song that’s for plants, by plants – or, more to the point, you get “Bee,” a sweetly direct and organic love song that falls somewhere between reggae, tropical pop and ambient composition. In an attempt to meet the brief they were given by Red Bull to come up with a song “for plants,” Lafawndah and Aaron David Ross found themselves getting back to basics, writing a tune that moves like a breeze through the jungle, synth riffs wafting through like palm fronds over a slow and sure-footed beat as Lafawndah’s hook “someone loves you, bee” sets the whole thing alight. It makes for a sultry follow-up to her recently-aired Teengirl Fantasy collab, "Lung". We had a quick chat with Lafawndah about how she grew into this new collaboration, and what’s so sexy about plants anyway.

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"BEE" adr lafawndah x

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