SoulMates™ – Compatibility


The SoulMates Archive™ is an ever-expanding collection of songs uncovered through the travels of Adaron and Nico; a gecko and corgi whose friendship and fanaticism guide them across the cosmos. After developing BassGas™, a subwoofer-powered form of renewable fuel, the friends find themselves in frictionless perpetual motion; scouring the most remote corners of the galaxy for rare artifacts in the form of lossless MP3s. The Soulmates Archive™ represents the first time these relics are distributed for public consumption, now offering earth-based lifeforms the choicest editions in the pantheon for their streaming pleasure.

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SoulMates – Driver Dreams mixfile


SoulMates™ – Driver Dreams mixfile for Rinse.fm

SoulMates™ – Backwards (Demo Ridge Edit)
Laurel Halo – Moontalk
David Morales feat. Lea Lorién – How Would You Feel
SoulMates™ – First Time
Song of Storm and Fire (Vocaloid acapella)
Lido & Canblaster – 6:59 AM
Masayoshi Iimori – Whirlwind
Ten Forward – Avenue X
Art of Noise – Dreaming in Color
R Racing Evolution – Divas (Namco)
Jean Michel Jarre – Zoolook (Remix) (SoulMates™ Deep Color Edit)
Logan Takahashi – Pops
ADR x Nightfeelings – Saxuality (VapeLife Edit)
Teengirl Fantasy x Guido – U Touch Me feat. Hoody x Mad Sax
Michael Stearns – Star Dreams (Peace Eternal)
Kelela – Jupiter
R Racing Evolution – Select 1 (Namco)
Nightfeelings – 7th world
Stéphane Picq – Amazonia
Robert Rich – Rainforest Suite Drumsong
Wiwek – Run
Zhi Vago – Celebrate (The Love)
Monkey Mafia – Lion in the Hall
Mu-Ziq – Phargmal Synthesis (Part 3)
Ken Ishi – Future is What We Are
Kenny Larkin – Loop2
Plaid – Ralome
Mark Isham – On The Threshold of Liberty (Soulmates™ UpAllNight Edit)
SoulMates™ – Instant Fan