“There is nothing else in today’s art world even remotely like Ryan Trecartin‘s videos,” proclaimed Art in America. “It’s a sci-fi theater of the absurd for our manically paced YouTube era.“ Within these fluidly structured and visually commanding works, Trecartin’s groundbreaking sound design—a densely layered mix of rapid-fire dialogue, electronic music and live instrumentation—extends the depth, intensity, and insane hilarity of his art. He is joined by his principal collaborator Lizzie Fitch, music producer and DJ Ashland Mines (aka Total Freedom), and composer/producer Aaron David Ross (who will be conducting and doing the music direction) to present a new, digitally-inflected sonic composition live for the very first time.” – Armory Press Release JAZZFEST RYAN TRECARTIN / TOTAL FREEDOM / AARON DAVID ROSS Audio & Video samples available upon request Selected Press: Armory Listing | Art News NOVEMBER 2016, Presented by the Armory Artists' Studio, New York

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