Music of the Night

[wpaudio url=”audio/MusicOfTheNight.mp3″ text=”Play Music of the Night“]Study and reinterpretation of Music of the Night from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1986 Broadway Musical The Phantom of the Opera. Reconstruction made by tracking the orchestra’s polyphony with an original EMU Modular synthesizer, in the style of Wendy Carlos’s Switched on Bach series. Moog Vocoder was used for the voice of the phantom.

Cascading Style Sheets

[wpaudio url=”audio/Cascade1.mp3″ text=”Play CSS Movement I”] [wpaudio url=”audio/Cascade2.mp3″ text=”Play CSS Movement II”] [wpaudio url=”audio/Cascade3.mp3″ text=”Play CSS Movement III”]
Original music for Juno synthesizer and vector wavestation inspired by the fragile grace and dynamic responsiveness of the CSS web programing language. This is the first in a series of solo synthesizer pieces paying tribute to a various code syntax structures.


“Chicago’s finest purveyors of goulish EBM electro carnage.”
“…Gatekeeper’s music embodies all that we like about 1980s cinematic suspense; paranoid hallucinations, a phantasmagoria of green lights and ectoplasmic mist seeping through multiple fracture lines on the thin walls of reality, you can of course see the long shadow of one true master John Carpenter projected over the icy electroid landscapes and obsessive synth melodies painted on damp concrete with sounds made of black leather, cursed silver and blood-splattered celluloid.” -20JAZZFUNKGREATS

Gatekeeper Live at Abby Pub, February 2009.

Optimus Maximus, FRIGHT 001 © 2009.

[wpaudio url=”audio/OptimusMaximus.mp3″ text=” Play Optimus Maximus” dl=”0″] [wpaudio url=”audio/VisionsIII.mp3″ text=” Play Visions III” dl=”0″]

Press 2008-2009.

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