Cascading Style Sheets
Original music for Roland Juno 6 and Korg Wavestation as a tribute to the CSS web programming language.

[wpaudio url=”audio/Cascade1.mp3″ text=”CSS Movement I”] [wpaudio url=”audio/Cascade2.mp3″ text=”CSS Movement II”] [wpaudio url=”audio/Cascade3.mp3″ text=”CSS Movement III”]

Music of the Night Synthesizer Realization

[wpaudio url=”audio/MusicOfTheNight.mp3″ text=”Play Music of the Night, Synthesizer Realization”]Study and reinterpretation of Music of the Night from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1986 Broadway Musical The Phantom of the Opera. Reconstruction made by tracking the orchestra’s polyphony with an original EMU Systems Modular synthesizer, in the style of Wendy Carlos’s Switched on Bach series. Moog Vocoder used for the voice of the phantom.

Ring Modulated Tempus Vernum