TELFAR FW17 OST – What People?

Original soundtrack composed for Telfar‘s FW17 presentation
In collaboration with Ryan Trecartin (Narration) and Babak Radboy (Artistic Direction)

…And the award for most time-travel-friendly, culturally adaptable, contextually annoyed, unisex specific, panic-onomical, worn equally by both offense and defense — goes to: TELFAR. Fill in the fucking blank. Meaning is in the eye of the beholder; and it’s a responsibility. Fill in the fucking blank.
— Ryan Trecartin, TELFAR F/W 2017

TELFAR F/W 2017 continues the designer’s starkly original, trend-agnostic, anti-identitarian, deconstruction of garments and their meanings. This season the body’s meridians are fault lines in which not only colors and fabric — but entire genres of garment can give-way to another: creating hybrid forms like puffer-peacoats; track-jacket-dress-shirts, wool-slack-pum-pum-shorts and cargo-knickers. A jewel-tone palette in nylon, knit, wool, cotton, fleece and denim appear at times all in a single garment, creating a total-look that is impossible to place. Somewhere between Patagonia and Shenzhen TELFAR continues to visualize an empty horizon in a fashion industry where more and more people, crowd an ever narrowing aesthetic consensus. 2017 is a good year not to fit in.

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